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I am passionate about using a Holistic All-Inclusive Approach to Health and Wellbeing, and all of my services are complimentary of one another. The journey to Radiance is individualized, however, Food, Movement, Mindset, Bodywork, and Energetics will be making up the pillars for realizing the potential that lives within you. The modalities I work with have all been part of my own toolkit for many years and I am honored to be sharing them with you. When fused together they address all pillars of health, and when used separately they will be offering a deeper dive into one or more pillars and areas of life. 

Nutrition Coaching

A 3-month deep dive into your Relationship with Food. During our time together we will address your health concerns and create a sustainable strategy. A bespoke plan will be prepared for you and further guidance will be available. We will finish with a Short Cleanse to reset the system in preparation for new habits. 

Energy Activation Session

Discover your Unique Genius through the lens of Human Design. A reading is an informative and insightful session into your essense. Leaning about yourself through Energetics can unravel innate gifts, connect you with your Purpose and a greater sense of Meaning into your life. 

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage is a special bodywork therapy that combines ancient Indian massage with stretches inspired by Lyengar Yoga. This vast technique combines hundreds of movements that unlock sensations and energies, releasing tensions and eliminating toxins, acting as a powerful healer for posture alignment, fatigue, panic attacks, distress or any kind of physical or emotional pain. 

Inner Leadership Coaching

A 6-month journey for those who are interested in connecting to Inner Authority and Authenticity. During this time we will focus on Vision crafting, and the sessions will be geared up towards guiding you into Alignment in all areas of your life. Become the person you know you can be. 

Non Linear Movement Method

NLMM is a powerful somatic method created by Michaela Boehm with an aim of connecting individuals with their inner landscape, exploring and releasing physical contractions, withholds and emotional closures. Sessions are offered in-person and over Zoom. 

Seasonal Detox & Retreats

Group Seasonal Cleanses and in-person Retreats offer a reset to the whole system. Focusing on elimination, balancing and reconfiguration, these short journeys contribute to greater Vitality, stronger Immunity and a clearer Mind as well as a balanced Nervous System. Gift yourself the time of recalibration with the support of  renowned practitioners, and experience re-aligning with your own rhythm. These journeys also offer practical solutions for the day to day lives. 

Client Love


Kip Cosmo, Creative Fitness

A master Naturopath who practically saved my life with her insight into my gut health. Forever grateful.

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